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The Bank of New York - We Should Talk

11/10/06 - 04/11/06

Your mobile rings… an icon on your computer screen flashes… the fax machine whirrs… Gone are the days of leather bound ledgers written in longhand, of waiting for the postman to deliver a handwritten missive – technology has irreversibly changed the way we communicate. Time is of the essence, relationships are conducted online and texting has produced a language of its own.

To celebrate 40 years in London, The Bank of New York has teamed up with Getty Images Gallery to present an exciting new exhibition highlighting the many ways in which we communicate. It is the first collaboration of it’s kind and many of the images have never been printed before.

The Bank of New York’s ‘We Should Talk’ exhibition provides a fascinating look at the variety of ways in which we communicate and how this has changed over the years.

“The Bank has a long history of developing and building strong relationships on a global stage and I am delighted we have been able to mark our 40th anniversary with this visual celebration of global communication.” - Tim Keaney, Head of Europe.

What are Jude Law and Nicole Kidman laughing about? Could those two secret agents be exchanging state secrets? And will Dallaglio’s pep talk rally his team?

From fishwives gossiping in a Hull street to a liveried footman silently presenting a stirrup cup, these stunning pictures capture people’s interaction with each other. Faces can be read and gestures studied – something that is no longer possible with much of today’s communication as we increasingly rely on technology.

“The Getty Images Gallery is very excited to be involved with this exhibition. It brings unique and powerful images into the public domain while directly tying into the ethos and brand of The Bank of New York. The collaboration between imagery and brand is what makes this exhibition truly unique and unachievable in any other setting.” Louise Garczewska, Getty Images Gallery Director.

Exhibition curated by Sasha Webster, Vice President, The Bank of New York and Susanna Harrison, Getty Images Gallery.